CX FUTURE purpose is not just to define Customer Experience but offer unique techniques and solutions to create, fix, upgrade, transform & innovate Customer Experience for all kind of businesses.

  • CREATE for the organizations that don’t have a wow! CX setup
  • FIX for the organizations that have it but need help to streamline
  • UPGRADE for the organizations who have a good CX setup yet they wish to move it to the next level based on Agile & Journey mapping techniques adopting new remote working norms to compete with Global standards
  • TRANSFORM & INNOVATE for the organizations that have a futuristic vision to adopt modern CX Digital strategies and explore innovative trends that will define CX in the Future!


 We are not a typical Consultancy, but what we offer is unique:

With 25 years of hands-on experience of creating, fixing, establishing & transforming Customer Experience setups for large Global Banks across various continents winning multiple CX awards and creating a unique record of taking one of the Banks from 23rd position to No.1 Bank in CX in UAE in just 4 years and helping maintain top position for 7 consecutive years

An achievement that no other CX Expert can proudly boost!

CX Future is Affordable & Cost Effective!

We promsie to deliver Results & enhanced CX is far LESS COST where you don’t pay through the roof to get fancy presentations only! You get real & practical Customer Experience delivery OR you get your money Back!

Best part is  –   You Save more than you pay!



Customer Experience, Digital Transformation ,Change Management Expert and Business leader with over 25 years of experience in strategizing, providing consultations, leading teams, and managing agile and journey mapping driven customer experience to achieve strategic business objectives. Globally acclaimed Customer Experience Judge and speaker on various platforms as an industry expert.


For a Global Consultant, working as Director Customer Experience on project to assess current CX maturity and readiness for the clients, helping them to design their CX vision and Plan including Digital design, research, trends and analysis along with integrated digital solutions. Create CX index and KPI framework for VOC including NPS, CES, Mystery Shopping and other key CX indicators. Providing training support to employees of the client on how to understand and implement the CX vision and framework.

■ For an International Bank based in Russia & Pakistan with over 10 years experience, worked as Head of Service Quality running Europe’s most successful and self funded Call Center. Managed Banks Quality unit, setup complaint resolution unit, voice of customer feedback mechanism and implemented experience designs to transform

For a Bank, 3rd largest in UAE, worked as Global Head of Customer Experience responsible for CX transformation from strategy to implementation. Architect of getting record 7 consecutive ‘No.1 Bank in Customer Experience’ & ‘Best Call Center’ Awards in UAE for the Bank including 3 UAE Govt. Sheikh Khalif Excellence (SKEA) Awards. Adopted industry best practices and specializing in process mapping and re-engineering using CX tools such as Agile & Journey Mapping to improve customer experience across all digital & alternate channels. !interfacing with the Central Bank for implementing happiness & exceptional customer experience ‘through ‘Global 7 Star concept for Banks’ initiative in line with directives set by UAE government.

■ For a Bank in UAE worked as Head of Service Quality & Alt. Channels successfully Established and managed Mashreq Service Quality set up including Call Center, Tele sales, Retention, Authorization & Complaint resolution units. Won multiple excellence Awards.